How to Clean Your Patio Fire Pit

clean your patio fire pit

Your patio fire pit is the source of some of life's most enjoyable and simple pleasures--ambient lighting that can set moods ranging from festive to romantic, roasted marshmallows and heat. If you're like most people, you enjoy a backyard fire at every opportunity, which means your fire pit also builds up a lot of waste ashes that need to be removed to … [Read more...]

5 Beautiful Summer Gardens Ideas for Your Patio

planting a vegetable garden

Summer is the season for being outside and enjoying your patio, grill and garden. Of course that's easier to do when you're surrounded by fabulous flowers and eye-pleasing plants.  Here is a look at five summer garden ideas for patios:  Plant a vegetable garden on your patio. How wonderfully surprising will it be when your guests sit down next to … [Read more...]

Portable vs Permanent Outdoor Kitchen Islands: Which is Right for Me?

outdoor kitchen island

An island can add a touch of convenience to your outdoor kitchen. An island gives you place to cut, clean and cook. It also makes it more likely you'll use your outdoor kitchen. But islands aren't inexpensive, so determining which type is right for you is an important first step toward buying one. Here's a look at the difference between portable vs … [Read more...]