How to Furnish the Perfect Outdoor Living Room


Furnishing an outdoor living room takes skill, creativity and access to the right accessories. Add it all together and you’ll have a living space that is comfortable and convenient for years to come. Here’s a look at what you need to know about furnishing your outdoor living room: Define your space. Is it a place for parties or for you kids to … [Read more...]

Enjoy Preparing Roasted Chicken Flatbread at Your Next Dinner

Source: Big Green Egg

Do you love chicken, flatbread, and grilling on your Big Green Egg?Why not combine the three by making this delicious roasted chicken flatbread recipe? It's one of our favorite meals from Big Green Egg's recipe bank. The recipe starts with a chicken roasting over a beer can. Then you proceed by shredding the chicken, mixing together a tomato-cucumber … [Read more...]

Important Things to Know about an Outdoor Living Room Installation


The perfect living room is designed for comfort and conversation. It has cushy places to sit, décor that inspires discussions and a gentle breeze that relaxes and refreshes. Whether the breeze is delivered via a ceiling fan or the warm outdoor breeze is up to you. For many people, the today’s perfect living room is located just outside their back … [Read more...]