A Delicious Winter Grilling Recipe

Source: Facebook.com/BigGreenEgg

When the mercury drops and the daylight wanes, there’s only one thing left to do: Break out the Big Green Egg. Grilling in the winter is a great way to get outside, gather with friends and get some fresh air. Of course, you can’t just grill anything. You need warm, delicious comfort food—something designed to tickle your taste buds and remind you … [Read more...]

Serve up Some Delicious Baked Goods from Big Green Egg

Source: BigGreenEgg.com

There's more to the Big Green Egg than grilling. That’s right; the incredibly versatile, great-for-grilling, superb-for-smoking cooking device that has adorned outdoor kitchens across Arkansas is also an outstanding oven, which means you can use it for baking. You can bake nearly anything on this grill, and Big Green Egg baked goods are … [Read more...]

Effective Ways to Maintain Your Outdoor Kitchen

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After your friends have gone home and your family has gone to bed following an evening enjoying one another's company and a delicious al fresco dinner, it's time to begin cleaning your outdoor kitchen. Knowing how to maintain your outdoor kitchen is every bit as important as knowing how to use it, because if your kitchen is maintained, it will be ready … [Read more...]