Memphis Wood Fire Grills Offer Helpful Intelligent Temperature Control


Great grilling is all about temperature control. Maintain a consistent temperature, and you’ll wind up with meat that is cooked to perfection. Let the temperature of your grill fluctuate and you are likely to wind up with rubbery meat or worse—the dreaded hockey-puck. Temperature control matters, which is exactly why intelligent temperature control … [Read more...]

Why Stone is a Great Material for Outdoor Kitchens


It's no secret that stone is a marvelous material for kitchens. People have been using granite, marble, and soapstone for their indoor kitchen countertops for years. Now they're using them outside, as well. As more people make the decision to expand their living spaces beyond the walls of their homes, more people are designing a stone outdoor … [Read more...]

Choose the Perfect Cushion Fabrics from Kingsley-Bate

Source: Kingsley-Bate

Your outdoor furniture is only as good as your cushions, and your cushions are only as good as the fabric with which they're upholstered. Kingsley-Bate cushion fabrics are among the finest on the market--and they come in an array of colors and designs. Here's a look at three that just might be perfect for your cushions: Contrasting Colors If ever … [Read more...]