Decorating an outdoor area uses the same decorating principals as an indoor area
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1. What do you feel are essential outdoor pieces?

It depends on the area whether poolside or covered porch. Poolside would be chaise lounges, umbrellas, and a casual dining set.  Covered  porch we recommend pieces that create a “living room atmosphere” which includes cushioned seating and accents pieces in order to create a conversation area.

2. What are some elements that you feel pull a look together?

It’s no longer matching everything. As in buying a 7-piece set of everything the same.  Now we coordinate fabrics, use area rugs, throw pillows, outdoor lamps and accessories to create a cohesive and a more designer look. Often the look flows from indoor to out, and the design is built upon the homes interior.

3. What type of furniture do you offer?

Ken Rash’s Casual Furniture store specializes in quality outdoor furnishings and accessories – we have everything for outdoors. Quality is the key in selecting outdoor furniture because it is exposed to all elements all the time.  Sun, heat, rain, etc. Choosing outdoor furniture has everything to do with an individuals needs – materials range from teak and jarrah wood, wrought iron, synthetic wicker, cast and extruded aluminum.

4. Talk about the differences among materials – cast aluminum, teak, wrought iron, etc.

Selection of materials often has to do with personal style, be it traditional or contemporary.  Cast aluminum and synthetic wicker tend to be more traditional, where as extruded aluminum has clean lines and is more contemporary.  Regardless of your style most people tend to mix materials to create a more interesting and eclectic feel. Wrought iron has always been a staple in the south for exterior areas, it’s timeless. Teak and jarrah wood are impervious to weather and insects, and thy don’t rot, splinter or crack.

5. What is your favorite element to implement into an exterior design?

I like seeing people push their design comfort zone outdoors, where they might not do so inside. People are much more likely to choose red, orange, or lime green accessory to brighten up their outdoor area, where they would never do so inside.

6. Can you give us a quick run-down of what products are the best for cleaning?

Generally a bucket of warm water and mild liquid detergent and a soft brush will clean just about anything.  For stubborn stains, also known as husbands, on solution died acrylic (Sunbrella) a mild solution containing bleach may be used and we also have specialized cleaners available.

7. What are some popular outdoor items?

Outdoor firepits, outdoor heaters, cantilevered umbrellas, rugs and lamps. And, of course, now everyone has outdoor acrylic entertaining pieces such as wine glasses, tumblers, pitchers, plates and serving pieces.